Marine Jet drive Conversions kits
high qualiy conversions for Jacuzzi,WJ YJ and Panther jets

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**Jacuzzi YJ ®
**Jacuzzi WJ ®
**Panther Jet ®
**Maritec Jet ®
Panther® drive modifications have long been considered, pondered, and experimented with by many in our industry. Two years ago with a little "time on our hands", we decided to try to "dream up" a modification to this existing marine jet drive, due in part to what in our opinion was less than satisfactory overall performance. The performance "wall", in our opinion, was even more evident when this jetdrive was "asked" to perform with the increased power available in todays market. We had several times "excised" the characteristic fiberglass inlet pod from these boats, rebuilt the fiberglass bottom and installed Berkeley style jets with great success.  However this was a messy time consuming and expensive proposition. The modified jet offers a "bolt in" alternative to that process, reusing or "utilizing" the existing drives original suction piece and essentially discarding everything else, thus requiring only very minor modifications to the boat hull, structure and hardware. The Energizer Kit offered and manufactured by the prestigious American Turbine Co. (sold by us and its authorized dealers), is designed and based on our original concept and modified unit we @ JBP experimented with two years ago. The modified drive offers significant performance gains, is an "owner friendly", simple economical repair and installation, and has the added luxury and advantage of being able to accept American Turbine, Dominator and Berkeley style "bolt ons", such as droop snoots, bowl, wedges, rudders, Turbine Trim and Place Diverter trim. Original proto types of this modification have shown dramatic drops in operating RPMs while providing modest gains in acceleration, power and overall performance. Complete Modification and Energizer kits are now available and are, at this writing being installed with oustanding results! Please feel free to contact us for more information or for any other Jet and V-drive parts accessories or services you might need. "We sell virtually anything you could want or need for Jets and V-drive Boats."  We Invite you to scroll down this page for recent photos of our projects "prototypes" and actual conversions Panther® & Jacuzzi Yj, Golden Eagle and Jacuzzi Wj Drives.


1.2nd Production Installation  2. Production Kit Installed      3.  Installed modified Panther 18' SK

4.  and  5. 18'  Tahiti SK in action                              6.  Original JBP "Concept" modified Maritec

7. Installed conversion kits         8.  Typical YJ conversion       9. Typical WJ conversion with droop

 NOTE: Regarding Panther® Jacuzzi and other Modifications .....
We will develop more pages in the coming weeks for this site with more information on options and pricing  We will also have a "step by step" tutorial and pictoral of an actual installation ,Special thanks to our friends at American turbine as well a our friends ,supporters and very patient customers..... Tom @JBP  1/1/08
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